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As a premier Shopware partner, ITG excels in delivering top-tier development services, maximizing your investment with comprehensive solutions. Embracing a modern commerce landscape, we craft purpose-oriented customer experiences seamlessly integrated with cloud services, empowering major brands in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Join forces with ITG to thrive in the dynamic commerce future with Shopware—an open-source solution providing flexibility and growth potential. Trusted by global brands like Aston Martin, Jägermeister, and Philips, Shopware simplifies complexity, supporting over 100,000 companies on their growth journey.

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Why Shopware

Product Management Solutions

Revolutionize your online business with Shopware's comprehensive product management solutions. From intuitive creation to infinite product listings, Shopware ensures effortless handling of your product catalog.

Operational Excellence with Shop Configuration

Shopware's agile and straightforward work routine, paired with multichannel capabilities and robust configuration options, enhances operational efficiency. Manage an unlimited number of shops, sales channels, and more with ease.

Sales Marketing Strategies

Boost your sales with Shopware's built-in marketing features. Utilize vouchers, discount codes, and dynamic product catalogs to enhance your promotional efforts. Standard SEO integration ensures optimal visibility.

Growth Through Expandability

Unlock growth possibilities with Shopware's expandability. With over 3,500 apps, templates, and interfaces in the Shopware Store, easily add new features to your shop. Seamless integration with popular payment providers and systems ensures scalability.

Customers and Prices Management

Effortlessly manage customers, orders, and pricing configurations with Shopware's core functionalities. Rule-based pricing, customer group-specific rates, and structured shopping processes create a seamless shopping experience.

Pixel Perfect Design

Craft a visually stunning online shop with Shopware's pixel-perfect design features. From fully customizable templates to a responsive display optimized for all devices, elevate your brand with a professional and conversion-optimized design.

Fast & Efficient Technology Stack

Experience lean, efficient, and powerful technology with Shopware. As an open-source platform, it's equipped with state-of-the-art features, including Symfony full stack, SSL capability, API-first operations, Elasticsearch integration, and more.

Fast & Easy Support Options

Secure your investment with Shopware's support options, whether you choose the Professional Edition or Enterprise. Freely book support services, benefit from international product support, and tap into a vast partner network for project implementation.

Let’s Talk Shopware

Interested in learning more about how ITG can elevate your business in a modern commerce landscape with Shopware?

How ITG Can Help

Witness the rapid evolution of your online presence with our accelerated website development. Experience the delivery of a robust, feature-rich Shopware website within 8-12 weeks, elevating your commerce game with speed and efficiency.

Rely on ITG’s Managed Services Plans for tailored Shopware development and unwavering support. Safeguard your website’s stability, performance, and security as your business expands. Experience responsive solutions that prevent downtime, security issues, and ensure a dynamic online presence.

ITG ensures the health and performance of your Shopware commerce website with a focus on security and compliance. Partner with us to identify potential threats, enhance performance, and meet regulatory requirements, ensuring your website is secure, high-performing, and visible.

ITG pioneers Headless and Progressive Web Application (PWA) implementations to elevate client traffic and revenue. Harness the power of advanced technology to achieve your business goals with proven expertise.

Let ITG guide your re-platform migration, leveraging Shopware as your commerce powerhouse. Our strategic framework seamlessly aligns with your business objectives, ensuring a successful transition and the achievement of your commerce goals.

When commerce projects face challenges, ITG steps in to rescue and revitalize your site development. No matter the setbacks, trust us to guide your project back on track for a successful launch.

ITG has a proven track record integrating with various systems for improved data management, accuracy, productivity, and automation. Our expertise spans popular platforms such as NetSuite, Salesforce, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, and QuickBooks, optimizing processes and performance.

Position yourself for success with Shopware’s core commerce solution. Leverage APIs that facilitate seamless data and functionality sharing among apps. The API-first architecture empowers Shopware users to connect frontend user interfaces with backend systems, including CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) functions. Shopware’s extensive extensibility allows merchants to integrate tailored solutions that cater to their specific market needs.

Ready to Take Control of Your Commerce Future with Shopware

Empower your business growth with Shopware, a forward-looking open-source solution that offers unparalleled freedom. Join over 100,000 successful companies in harnessing Shopware’s unique blend of flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness.

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