Progressive Web Application


In a mobile-centric world, the cost of developing separate native apps for various platforms can be prohibitive. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer a cost-effective alternative, transforming web applications to mirror native app functionality. By leveraging progressive enhancement, PWAs unlock new capabilities in modern browsers, ensuring reliability and installability through service workers and web app manifests. Even in the absence of these features, users still enjoy a seamless core experience. At ITG, we specialize in crafting PWAs, proven to drive client traffic and boost revenue. With a track record of successful PWA projects, we’re poised to help you achieve your business objectives through this innovative technology.

    PWA Features

    App Icons & Notifications

    Clients can pin the icon of your PWA site to their mobile home screen and get push notifications just as if it was a native mobile app!

    Offline Mode

    No network? No problem! When the user is offline, data from the cache will be displayed on the application page for the user to access.

    SEO & Performance Advantage

    Since PWAs are websites, they can be optimized for SEO purposes and because PWAs cache data, they provide a faster user experience.

    Reduced Development Costs

    There is no need to develop a separate native mobile application for different platforms, developers can focus on just one website.

    Custom PWA

    ITG creates PWAs from scratch. We start by understanding your needs and requirements and then prepare a roadmap to implement a progressive web application your customers will love.

    PWA Ecommerce

    ITG specializes in creating high-conversion E-commerce sites based on a progressive web application framework.

    Migration to PWA

    If you have a traditional website but would like to upgrade to a stunning PWA-based website, ITG will work together with you to make that happen.

    PWA optimization

    If you already have a PWA site, ITG can optimize that from a UX, performance and SEO side perspective to drive more conversions and sales.

    Our Process

    Understanding your goals and deadlines, so ITG can provide a well-detailed plan to execute.

    Designing and building an app according to well defined requirements and a roadmap for your clients to fall in love with.

    Placing great emphasis on quality assurance to make sure everything works as expected.

    This is the phase to ensure the new build is ready to meet customer expectations.