Composable & Headless

Composable commerce represents the next evolution in digital commerce technology, departing from slow-to-update, inflexible monolithic systems and adopting a modular, component-based design. This approach is complemented by headless commerce, which decouples the front end and back end of web stores through an application programming interface (API), managing the exchange of data. Allowing businesses to “compose” tailor-made shopping experiences by selecting and integrating the best components to meet their unique needs. At ITG Commerce, we pave the way for a composable future, empowering your business to thrive in the modern commerce ecosystem. We future-proof your operations using composable technology stacks, ensuring swift adaptation to dynamic market changes.

    Platform Partners

    Explore the industry-leading platform partners we leverage to propel your business forward.

    ITG has extensive experience integrating, onboarding, and managing our client’s products on various marketplaces as listed below. Our Marketplace Manager Software as a Service enables merchants to achieve an omni-channel solution.

    Thrive in the dynamic commerce future with Shopware—a modern open-source solution offering flexibility and growth potential. Our team crafts purpose-oriented customer experiences seamlessly integrated with cloud services, empowering major brands in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

    Expedite your transition to a composable future with Commerce Layer, leveraging ITG’s decade of commerce experience. Seamlessly integrate purpose-oriented customer experiences with the cutting-edge capabilities of Commerce Layer’s API-first engine in the ever-evolving commerce landscape. Join forces with ITG for a future-ready commerce strategy.