Staff Augmentation

Scale your workforce based on project needs. Our technically diverse professionals seamlessly integrate with your in-house team, delivering swift solutions for skill gaps and immediate project requirements.

    Range in Development Expertise

    The ITG Difference

    It Starts with Recruiting

    Qualitative Assessment

    Cultivating a cohesive team culture by prioritizing cultural fit and behavioral insights.

    Quantitative Evaluation

    Evaluating team performance proactively with coding assessments and metrics-driven dashboard.


    Retention Strategy

    Maintaining a 90% retention rate through developer professional and personal training programs, keeping the talent motivated and inspired.

    Utilize KPIs and metrics within Agile dashboards to prioritize clear goals and provide accountability and transparency to all stakeholders.

    ITG enhances team productivity through structured evaluations, employing KPIs and dashboards to empower teams for optimal performance.

    The ITG Difference

    Direct Recruitment

    Choose ITG for a comprehensive recruitment process that covers sourcing, vetting, interviewing, and candidate selection, ensuring you get the right talent for your team.

    Contact to Hire

    Opt for a hiring model that begins with a temporary project based contract period, allowing you to assess the candidate’s skills, cultural fit, and overall performance before making a long-term commitment.