A Complete Development and Deployment Environment

PaaS: Reward Cloud

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a complete development and deployment cloud environment. ITG’s Reward Cloud is a PaaS solution that will allow your company to create and manage your development environment without the need of a DevOps and infrastructure professional. In addition, Reward Cloud helps track and forecast cloud spend, so you do not run into any unexpected costs.

Reward Cloud is built upon DevOps best in class technologies, such as, Kubernetes, Rancher, API platform, Go, RabbitMQ, and Mercure.Benefits of ITG’s Reward Cloud

    What is Reward Cloud?

    Reward Cloud is a PaaS service designed especially for dev teams and professionals to create and manage scalable CI/CD environments.

    How Does it Work?

    While it takes only a few clicks to build dev and staging environments, the RC dashboard allows users to manage their teams and projects.

    How Does it Help?

    Reward Cloud helps reducing Hosting andd DefOps costs for agencies and developers by automating CI/CD pipelines and enviroment creation.

    Reward CLI

    Reward is a Cross-Platform & Open-Source CLI utility for orchestrating Docker based development environments.

    It provides the possibility to run multiple local environments simultaneously without port conflicts, while providing multiple developer utilities such as DB management, SSH tunnel, SSL certs.

    How Can I Try Reward?

    Please contact us to setup a time to access Reward.For a limited time, access to Reward Cloud and CLI is free!