Partner with ITG and Commerce Layer to Accelerate Your Success in a Modern Commerce Landscape

Leverage ITG’s decade of commerce experience to expedite your transition to a composable future with Commerce Layer. In the ever-evolving commerce landscape, we seamlessly integrate purpose-oriented customer experiences with the cutting-edge capabilities of Commerce Layer’s API-first engine. Utilize modern Jamstack tools for developers, seamlessly linked to your chosen headless CMS, and deploy on your preferred CDN/delivery platform. Choosing ITG ensures you have a committed partner dedicated to guiding your business through the intricacies of the digital landscape. Collaborate with us to unlock a commerce future where success knows no limits

Why Commerce Layer

Simplified Headless Commerce Experience

Commerce Layer, the API-first commerce engine, streamlines the transition to a headless approach, offering a seamless start with production-ready micro frontends and global scalability through a comprehensive suite of APIs, webhooks, and development tools.

Real-Time Event Responsiveness

Commerce Layer introduces real-time webhooks, empowering users to react instantly to specific events. This push strategy facilitates seamless integration with various external services such as transactional emails, CRMs, ERPs, fulfillment services, and couriers.

Global Edge Network

Benefit from a robust global edge network with 60+ Content Delivery Network (CDN) edges, ensuring optimized performance and responsiveness across the globe.

International Scalability

Commerce Layer supports multi-country configuration options, offering international scalability to cater to diverse market needs.

CMS Flexibility

Maximize headless benefits by connecting to any CMS for improved content management. Commerce Layer's CMS-agnostic approach enhances flexibility, speed, and scalability, particularly in merchandising and product discovery.

Composable Architecture for Enhanced Experiences

Embrace composable commerce with Commerce Layer's architecture, enabling developers to seamlessly combine different tools, whether internally built or third-party services. This extensible platform supports external prices, payment gateways, promotions, tax calculators, and more. The sky is really the limit with Commerce Layer’s flexible and extendible API.

Rapid API Performance

Boasting an impressive 100ms average response time, Commerce Layer's APIs prioritize speed and efficiency with lighter, faster, and more durable payloads compared to monolithic solutions, ensuring optimal transactional focus.

Reliability at its Core

Boasting a guaranteed 99.99% uptime, Commerce Layer takes full responsibility for response time and service reliability. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) include penalties for any performance degradations, ensuring a highly reliable platform.

Embrace a Composable Future with Commerce Layer

With over a decade of expertise, we’re excited about helping companies thrive in a composable future. We’re eager to learn about your business goals and explore how Commerce Layer can uniquely benefit you.