Transform your retail or wholesale business with ITG Commerce’s expertise in creating expansive marketplaces. Online marketplaces serve as ecommerce platforms where third parties can sell products or services, offering numerous benefits. Gain access to an established customer base, enhance discoverability for your business, build trust, and tap into the preference of shoppers. With ITG, enrich your product offerings and deliver superior shopping experiences to your customers.

    Seamless Integration

    Effortlessly incorporate and modify third-party products and services.

    Efficient Order Processing

    Real-time notification of orders to vendors via email or scheduled batches, formatted according to vendor specifications.

    Transparent Commission Handling

    Assign and calculate commission rates per SKU, category, product type, or vendor.

    Order and Shipment Management

    Automatically split sales orders into vendor purchase orders with comprehensive lifecycle management. Achieve fully automated order fulfillment.

    Insightful Behavioral Data

    Capture behavioral data to drive personalized product recommendations.

    Streamlined Drop Shipping Workflows

    Connect drop ship purchase orders and shipments to sales orders, shipments, and invoices.

    Effective Promotion Management

    Enable vendors to create and manage coupons, promo codes, free shipping, and other promotions.

    Controlled Customer-Vendor Interactions

    Optional shopper-to-vendor communication with an admin moderation workflow. Shoppers can inquire about products and vendors directly from the product page, with configurable admin moderation settings for privacy, visibility, and notifications.CTA.