B2C, Magento 2

As their preferred E-Commerce Solutions provider since 2014, Ezetera chose ITG Commerce to upgrade to Magento 2. The project’s main goal was to make the usually stressful purchase of school supplies an experience as smooth as possible. To achieve this, Ezetera communicates with several systems, including SAP and SUL, to be able to unify all concerned data and bring together all participants.


About Ezetera

Ezetera is a leading seller of textbooks, uniforms and school supplies in Mexico.

Implementation, challenges and story is part of the GEA group and the largest on-line school supply company in Mexico. Due to the seasonality of the business, Ezetera is extremely busy during the back-to-school season which runs from June-August. This requires high-performance and high reliability along with dedicated support.

For 6 years, since 2017 on Magento 2, ITG Commerce has been providing round-the-clock support of both the Magento Platform and integrations as well as the infrastructure. Due to the high volume during the back to school season, every day is Black Friday and ITG continuously enhances and supports Ezetera through these periods.

ITG Services Used

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