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The goal of the project was to upgrade to Magento 2 and keep as much of the custom functionality as possible. Refactoring custom flows based on previous Magento 1 support experience in this highly customized system. Leveraging as many of the Magento Commerce out of box features as possible.

Bauhaus Marketplace
Bauhaus Marketplace

About Bauhaus

Bauhaus is the leading European retail chain offering products for home improvement, gardening and DIY workshops. The name contains the German words bauen (to build) and Haus (house) and the franchise has over 250 locations throughout Europe.

Implementation, challenges and story

Bauhaus Hungary had been on Magento 1 since 2015. ITG Commerce had been supporting and extending the site since then. For the Magento 2 implementation we used all the knowledge collected throughout the support years to optimize the Magento flows for Magento and move out what didn’t belong to other systems.

Having 5 years of experience with the Magento 1 version, the goal for Magento 2 was to leverage as much as we can from Magento 2 Commerce out of box features and use as few 3rd party extensions and focus on long-term maintainability. We Worked closely with the client to bring flows closer to the Magento logic and move features that are not tied strongly to a shopping cart to dedicated systems.

Our team implemented a standalone logistics software and mobile app for the warehouses, which directly communicates with Magento.

We implemented and customized Unirgy’s uMarketplace Suite for vendor dropshipping and the pick-up-from-store service of Bauhaus, which allows customers to order and pick products directly from individual stores. A major part of of the project was the integration to their custom ERP system, Pimcore, Logistics, Marketing and Accounting systems via enterprise level connectors.


The new site has clearer flows, a simpler admin interface and because of fewer dependencies, will be much easier to upgrade to future Magento versions. What administrators could previously only achieve through extensions and custom features, can now all be done with PageBuilder and Content Staging. The new Logistics tool eliminated many of the previous complications from Magento and was built specifically for Bauhaus mobile devices with barcode scanner.

ITG Services Used

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