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Calpysa was looking for a flexible partner to complete the challenging project of creating a new webshop based on Magento’s PWA Studio. Being aware PWA Studio was still a work in progress we had to pioneer the effort in many ways. Our teams worked together closely with the Magento PWA team.


We approached ITG Commerce with a complex E-Commerce project, involving the latest technologies. Without hesitation, ITG developed a top-notch website. Their very talented team found a solution for every issue we had. If you’re looking for a great Magento partner, I would definitely recommend ITG. They are way ahead of the game compared to everyone else in this space.

Yehoshua Fried, Co Founder & CTO


About Calypsa

Calypsa is a modest fashion retailer and marketplace operating in multiple countries with hundreds of vendors and over 50k products.

Calypsa had been running on Magento 1 for 5 years when they came to ITG Commerce looking to improve low mobile conversion rates, CMS management, and site performance.

Implementation, challenges and story

The goal was to create a new, modern website, leveraging latest technologies, providing a smooth user experience.

We worked on the backend in close cooperation with Calypsa’s in house Magento team, using Atlassian Suite (Bitbucket, Jira) and Slack for coordination and communication.

At the time we started the project, Magento’s PWA Studio was in an early stage of development so we had to take innovative steps to fill the gaps and find the best route to achieve the goals. On the way, we regularly consulted and shared our experiences with Magento’s PWA development team.
Calypsa has a highly complicated product structure, with multi-color bundles created from multiple simple and configurable items, which makes indexing and admin updates complex and performance heavy operation. We developed our own performance package for PWA Studio leveraging ElasticSearch both for boosting indexing and GraphQl performance.

It was a crucial SEO challenge to provide indexable HTML content for search bots. In phase 1, we decided to use a third party pre-rendering solution to generate HTML content for search bots.

The GTM implementation required firing several actions at various events of the single page application, such as user events, cart events, page view events and checkout – We developed a custom React component to handle GTM.

Calypsa was one of the first implementations of multi language and multi currency on top of PWA Studio – available in 100 countries and 9 different languages and currencies.


The site now runs on the latest technologies, the latest version of Magento and PWA Studio and provides a lightning fast user experience. Upgrading to newer versions is easy, since we kept the out of box functionality wherever possible, only customized what was necessary and built on top of the existing functionality.

ITG Services Used

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