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Dayrize joined forces with ITG Commerce to create an online marketplace that makes it easy to shop for goods… that do good. To create the best marketplace possible, we leveraged on our PWA experience and used Unirgy as a marketplace extension for Magento 2.

Working with ITG has allowed us to focus on our core mission of building our customer proposition knowing that our technology build has been in very capable hands. The ITG team has delivered time and time again with well considered solutions to some of our more complicated needs. The best part about working with ITG has been their complete buy-in to our mission and the genuine, personal support they have given us.

Tim Harper, CIO

About the client

Dayrize is a consumer marketplace for sustainable products, with a main focus on Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden. Dayrize sell thousands of products that are assessed by the Dayrize Score, a set of metrics that evaluate the degree to which a product can be considered sustainable, regenerative, and circular. Dayrize brings together the best sustainable products on the planet, where each brand needs to pass strict criteria to be even listed on the website.

Implementation, challenges and story

  • Creating a fully functioning PWA website with unique design and various integration in regards, to products, orders and vendors.
  • Unirgy marketplace
  • Customizing vendor portal for easy order and product management for partners
  • Created compare functionality to PWA
  • Multi-source product import (productsupp, firebear)
  • Integrating the Dayrize Sustainability Assessment Tool
  • Survey metrics integration with token based authentication
  • Seamless calculation integration for impact and savings measures
  • Unique page builder solution for a flexible homepage
  • Brand and vendor based navigation
  • Customizing Elasticsearch and GraphQL


  • Fully automated products and inventory import through a dedicated middleware coming from multiple sources
  • Unified premium design implementation on all type of devices
  • Smooth customer experience flow
  • Users are able to scroll through scientifically rated sustainable products that are better then regular ones
  • Google Cloud hosting (the carbon neutral greenest cloud solution)

ITG Services Used

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