Choosing the Right Magento Frontend: The Hyva Theme vs.Progressive Web Apps

Magento is renowned for its flexible web shop engines with a modern, robust, and well-designed PHP architecture that backend developers love. It excels at adding new features, modifying core functionality, creating APIs, and building integrations on the backend side. However, frontend technologies evolve more rapidly. New ideas, libraries, and tools appear and proliferate, rendering Magento’s […]

Composable Commerce Explained & What Adobe’s API Mesh Means For Adobe Commerce thumbnail

Composable Commerce Explained & What Adobe’s API Mesh Means For Adobe Commerce

In the ever-evolving world of digital commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Composable Commerce represents a natural progression for customers of Adobe Commerce and Magento, providing a means to advance your existing platform without incurring substantial risks. In this post, we’ll provide a high-level overview of Composable Commerce, its significance, its evolution, and […]


Recognizing the Signs: When It’s Time to Part Ways with Your Magento Systems Integrator

Let’s face it, navigating the digital commerce landscape is challenging. Regardless of your brand’s ecommerce history, “digitally native,” hybrid or new to the digital commerce scene, the last thing you want is a negative partnership with the systems integrator (SI) guiding your brand’s market presence. In the world of digital commerce, just like in your […]


Introducing the ITG PWA Blog Series

We are happy to share some of these experiences and the lessons learned with the community and for any merchants considering a PWA implementation in 2021.  Over the course of January and February we will be releasing a detailed article each week.  We encourage you to follow along, comment, and let us know of your […]


Why Magento?

For 8 years Magento has been the principal e-commerce platform for our clients and development team, and the one we most often recommend… Why Magento? That’s a question best answered by each of these areas- development, clients and us as a consulting firm. DEVELOPERS VIEW Our technical team loves Magento – why Magento? Most importantly […]

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