Composable Commerce CMS Platforms with Magento

We’ve been giving a lot of thought to the topic of composable commerce here lately at ITG.  As a business that has done over 100 Magento projects in the past 10 years, that often leaves us wondering about whether composability on Magento is a good idea or not.  Adobe’s own rationale in acquiring Magento back in 2018 had composability in mind, with a huge part of their strategy being a more complete solution that married together Magento with Adobe Experience Manager.

I recently did some research on CMS platforms usage with Magento, and that led me share some of my findings on LinkedIn, see original post and commentary here.

Please note that the information provided in this post is sourced from Wappalyzer. It’s important to clarify that Wappalyzer does not cache tech data for every website globally; instead, it focuses on the top approximately 50 million sites, which represent a substantial portion of the “active” internet. The number of sites tracked by Wappalyzer is growing daily, but this is an approximate figure.

This post created some interesting discussions, debates, and various viewpoints.

If this topic interests you, drop by the post and join the discussion.  If anyone out there is considering getting composable with Magento and wants to chat on how to implement something like Contentful with it, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.