For 8 years Magento has been the principal e-commerce platform for our clients and development team, and the one we most often recommend… Why Magento?

That’s a question best answered by each of these areas- development, clients and us as a consulting firm.


Our technical team loves Magento – why Magento?

Most importantly because the framework is open source and backed by a large and enthusiastic community of contributors around the world.

This means ITG developers can quickly find answers or solutions to nearly any problems our customers are facing. Magento is also now backed by Adobe whose enterprise products perfectly fits clients who need professional support, maximum flexibility and enterprise-level CMS and marketing capabilities.

Another Magento advantage is that it is a modern and modular framework…As Ferenc Varga, our CTO often says in our training days, “the Magento framework is very structured and can be well developed using the latest technologies…everything has its place–the config, models, the views, the controllers. This is a good and very complex framework, contains the most important webshop functionality…it’s a well configured system.’

Finally, for our developers, Magento’s extendable API allows the ability to integrate a wide variety of third party apps, payment gateways, web analytics, shipping and tracking solutions.


Why do our clients choose Magento?

ITEGRATION customers prefer Magento for 4 specific reasons

Speed – Magento is fast, very fast. In today’s e-commerce landscape, customers are notoriously impatient and simply will not wait for slow pages to load. Magento caches pages via Varnish, processes queries super quick and loads fast enough to keep the most impatient customer in its shops.

SEO friendly – Magento source code was written in an SEO-friendly way.  Optimized ZRl’s, meta tags, descriptions, site maps, navigation and category structures are all built-in and critical attributes to Google ranking and modern eCommerce merchant requirements.

Multiple Websites, One Common Backend System – for eCommerce business operating in numerous niche categories, the ability to operate them all from one backend system is invaluable for economic and time saving purposes.

Freedom To select Hosting Service – whether merchants require the convenience of a hosted solution or they would rather choose their own hosting provider Magento has an offering to match.


Since our inception, 75+% of our projects have been on the Magento platform. This has allowed us to build a deeply experienced team, averaging 6 years experience on the Magento framework across the team, ranging from 3-10 years…that’s right, even our most “junior” Magento Developer has 3 yrs project experience.

We are a senior team of Magento talent delivering solutions from Budapest with project management in Austria, Chapel Hill and LA. This geographic reach combined with our deep expertise makes us among the Top Magento Developers to promote Magento and deliver excellence in North America and Europe.

ITG has either sponsored or attended every Magento Imagine or Magento Live conference since the company was founded, actively contributes to the community, and will sponsor Magento Live Europe 2018, furthering our commitment to the Magento platform now as part of Adobe.