The Holiday Break Up - Tips For Switching Your Magento Managed Services Partner

The holiday season approaches with all its joy and cheer, but let’s not forget that even the strongest partnerships can be tested during this peak time. These moments challenge us to distinguish between mere “smoke” and “fire,” pushing us to make difficult decisions about our future together. Make no mistake about it….it can be painful. And if you thought we were talking about your personal relationship, then think again! We are talking about your relationship with your Magento Systems Integrator (SI).

Feeling the urge to switch things up with your current managed services partner for  your beloved Magento-powered online store? Join us on a rollercoaster journey as we explore the art of breaking up with your current managed services partner. Here are 5 key considerations to remember when transitioning your ecommerce website’s partner on Magento.

1. Have a Plan, Stay Strong

Just as you wouldn’t leap from a plane without a parachute, ensure your new partner is ready before you hit the eject button. The last thing you want is to be stranded in ecommerce purgatory, wondering if your website is still alive and kicking. In this case, it’s important to strike a balance between improving the current partnership and identifying the best provider to take over during a crisis. When material differences arise, it’s best to make the move and not continue to put your business at risk. “One time credits” and promises won’t mend past or future impacts on your bottom line.

2. Find a Good Communicator

Ah, the mysterious world of tech lingo. It’s like trying to decipher hieroglyphics while blindfolded. Seek a managed services partner who speaks your language. And no, we’re not just talking about English or Portuguese but a partner that explains concepts in a way that resonates. This is also true for the tools used to communicate. You should be spoken to on the level you need and the channel that best fits your routine. Because, let’s be honest, understanding your partner is key, whether they’re human or algorithmic.

3. We Are Far Too Old for “Ghosting”

A reliable partner stands by you in good and bad times. Feeling alone in a time of need can break your heart and your budget. SLAs are great but if you find yourself having to go back and reference them, the damage is already done. Finding a partner in sync with your level of urgency is invaluable. To take it a step further, prepare an escalation path BEFORE issues arise . “It’s 10pm on Black Friday and your website is down, do you know where your SI partner executives are?”

4. Embrace Flexibility

Change is enviable in growth. Life evolves, and so do e-commerce sites. To navigate these changes, ensure your partner respects your process. In the world of digital commerce, we never know what threats and/or opportunities are around the corner. These uncertainties demand adaptable structures. Just as you would never accept a “fixed” number of hours from a life partner, the same should be true for a managed services partner. Fixed retainer packages are history; flexibility and adaptation should be the new norms.

5. Breaking up can be Expensive…

…Just ask Hollywood celebrities. However, it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to your ecommerce budget, you’ve got to keep things real. Financial clarity is essential before diving into a new partnership. Unexpected costs are unwelcome, especially for your executives. Before letting excitement take over, have a candid talk with your potential partner about costs, expectations, and the metaphorical “dinner.” Some agencies can offer incentives to ease onboarding costs.  This is also a good reminder, to settle cut-off dates, outstanding invoices, and penalties with your former partner.

Bonus Tip: Let’s Still Be Friends

In any breakup, there’s that awkward moment when you realize your ex still has your Netflix password. A smooth transition from old to new is crucial. Can they be friends? Will your old partner treat your new one with respect? Cooperation is key – even if it means occasionally sharing the remote control.

Time to wrap up this rollercoaster ride of ecommerce enlightenment! Remember, we’re all about thriving partnerships, not just holiday cheer. Switching gears with your Magento services partner can be as exhilarating as a December snowfall, but don’t let it turn into a winter storm. With these 5 savvy moves, you’re equipped to make a smooth transition and turbocharge your online store’s success. As you bid adieu to the old and embrace the new, keep the cooperative vibes alive – after all, we’re all in this ecommerce journey together. So, break free and break through, and here’s to your ecommerce triumphs, both under twinkling holiday lights and beyond. If you’re seeking a dependable partner to navigate these transitions, explore ITG’s managed services to elevate your e-commerce experience further.