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Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical was already a Magento 1 client when they ordered a Magento 2 upgrade ahead of the June 2020 end of life deadline. The ITG team was tasked with creating the exact same look, feel and functionality on Magento 2 via a refactoring of the underlying logic – much of which had changed over the years on Magento 1. Additionally, ITG built an API connection to a middleware in support of the BAM mobile app.

Bay Alarm Medical
Bay Alarm Medical

About Bay Alarm Medical

Since 1946, the Bay Alarm companies have been providing affordable safety and peace of mind. Bay Alarm is a family company that has specialized in home security for over seven decades. Through their best-in-class monitoring solutions, Bay Alarm Medical gives peace of mind to seniors and their families.

Implementation, challenges and story

We had to refactor the complicated product structure with conditional rules, when to automatically add bundle items to cart if one or more products are in the cart, which require other items to work. Or the same in the other direction, to remove products in specific use cases.

We had to solve the migration by pulling all the data from Salesforce while we had to optimize the number of API calls, because SalesForce charges per API call.

ITG also had to work together with third parties on the mobile app and the middleware, involving a lot of Slack communication and meetings for information and knowledge exchange.


A better, more user friendly and more flexible admin interface for the custom product structure and a fast and stable API interface for the middleware/mobile application.

ITG Services Used

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