What is a project accelerator?

What a software vendor can provide to help this approach is providing some sort of accelerator offering, a set of standardized features, technologies solutions, and integration pre-compiled and pre-configured to get the project up to speed quickly, supplemented by a strong dedication to finding simple, efficient methods to customize the solution.

Project accelerators represent the best of the breed of what a development agency can provide for a specific problem, client type, or market segment. If taken seriously, they are the results of a great deal of experimentation, innovation, feature development, tweaking and optimization, and sometimes failures as well, crystallizing the best solutions and practices in a ready-to-use fashion.

In this way accelerator solutions address real-life client needs, not only making it possible to launch a webshop quicker in a more controllable way but may provide huge added value in terms of features, performance, reliability, and stability.

The project accelerator approach certainly reduces time to market in all cases but the fewer additional features are required on top of a standard package, the more streamlined it can be.

How can we accelerate a Magento PWA Studio Project?

Headless E-commerce with single page PWA is a new technology and there are always some lessons to learn during the first few projects. Starting with an accelerator solution, can bring a huge advantage.

Our PWA Studio accelerator packages speeds up site build and UX design, optimizing performance, setting up hosting, dealing with SEO, handling multi-language and multi-currency, adding payment methods, extending checkout and dashboard.

The Agile accelerator approach

In addition to our accelerator packages, which mainly delivers technological solutions, we advocate an Agile approach starting with an extensive project discovery and agreeing on an MVP – minimum viable product – close enough to our existing prototypes.

Let us see how our PWA Studio Accelerator packages can make launching a new webshop on top of PWA Studio quicker.

ITG PWA Studio Accelerator – CI/CD Hosting Packages

Accelerates starting a project, development, testing, and going live.


  • Hosting PWA Studio on AWS ECS, Fargate or Google Kubernetes Engine, or any Kubernetes Cluster
  • Fully automated zero-downtime pipeline-based decker builds for CI/CD with infrastructure-level auto-scaling

ITG PWA Studio Accelerator – Performance Package

Accelerates development by boosting GraphQL performance and reducing the need for extra performance optimization.

  • Uses Elasticsearch for all GraphQL catalog queries
  • A few hundred ms response time even for complex catalog queries
  • Frontend improvements for the PWA studio catalog pages

ITG PWA Studio Accelerator – UX and Design Package

The UX and Design Package accelerates the design and frontend implementation process.


  • Optimized and standardized the Venia frontend for both desktop and mobile with standard layered navigation, search, and category pages
  • Standard custom blocks on category, CMS, and product pages
  • Custom gallery
  • Product rating and reviews
  • Support for bundled products
  • Wish lists, notifications, compare products

ITG PWA Studio Accelerator – Page Builder Package (Magento Commerce Only)

Adds Page Builder support for various CMS, Product and Category page and block content.

ITG PWA Studio Accelerator – SEO Package

Accelerates Search Engine Optimization by providing PWA specific tools and solutions

  • GTM support
  • Prerender support
  • Extra meta tags
  • SEO-friendly markup

ITG PWA Studio Accelerator – Multi-language and Multi-currency Package

Accelerates creating multi-site, multi-language, multi-currency webshops

  • Deeper integration with Default Magento translations
  • Country-based language and currency mapping

ITG PWA Studio Accelerator – Checkout Package

  • Support for Paypal Express
  • Support for Cybersource

ITG PWA Studio Accelerator – Vendor Marketplace Package

  • Support for Unirgy uMarketplace
  • Vendor catalog
  • Vendor landing pages
  • Vendor product list
  • RMA extension

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