It’s 2021 and it ain’t always so easy out there.

There’s lots of bad news: rising oceans, warming climates, global ‘weirding’. Like most things in life, regular decisions and normal actions are not getting easier but more complicated. Sometimes, it is much more complicated depending on your worldview. Buying decisions taken for granted before now offer a wealth of consequences, good and bad. Shopping 2021 can be quite a different experience than what the parents or grandparents experienced.

Maybe you are thinking, I’m just one person, what sort of difference can I make? The answer is that daily choices do add up, they count and the absolute truth is that average, everyday folks have collective power to make a positive difference and reduce footprint by choosing quality, sustainable products. The products and services we buy are responsible for almost 60% of our planetary impact but around half of it is caused just by the products we buy. So, we can make a difference but how to make the ‘right’ decision? What information is available? Is that information accurate or just a ‘greenwashed’ marketing message blurring lines between ethical, green and sustainable?

Is it Ethical?
Is it Green?
Is it Sustainable?

Every day, more and more of us are asking ourselves these sorts of questions before making purchase choices. Dayrize, a multi-vendor marketplace based out of Amsterdam saw the problem and built a Multi Vendor Marketplace business around their solution, the Dayrize score.

The Dayrize score is a proprietary mixture ranking fashion, health & beauty and home products on a score from 0 (worst) thru 100 (best but borderline impossible). The score is an amalgamation of 5 dimensions of sustainability:

  1. Circularity: how well an individual product minimizes waste by reusing and recycling resources to create a closed loop system
  2. Climate Impact: how greenhouse gas-intensive the production of the product has been
  3. Ecosystem Impact: how heavily a product impacts biodiversity and water depletion
  4. Livelihoods & Wellbeing: how each product impacts the health and wellbeing of the people involved in creating it
  5. Purpose: how meaningful a product’s purpose is by looking at the value that it provides and the potential it has to be an accelerator for good

To offer products that ‘do good’ Dayrize needed a technology partner that understood its needs, requirements and mission. After an exhaustive search, Dayrize chose ITG Commerce, an Adobe & Magento Commerce partner from Chapel Hill, NC and Budapest, Hungary. ITG not only had the technical experience to build the Magento 2 Multi Vendor Headless PWA Studio Solution but an extensive background working with non-profit clientele focused on net positive impacts via technology solutions. ITG helped to support the Dayrize mission, specifically recommending marketplace hosting via Google Cloud, the most environmentally friendly provider available.

Dayrize CIO Tim Harper:

“Working with ITG has allowed us to focus on our core mission of building our customer proposition knowing that our technology build has been in very capable hands. The ITG team has delivered time and time again with well considered solutions to some of our more complicated needs. The best part about working with ITG has been their complete buy-in to our mission and the genuine, personal support they have given us.”

The Dayrize business model is in offering best-in-class, sustainable products and an aim to sell 100% carbon neutral products by 2030. Beyond its product offering, Dayrize has made the following environmental commitments:

  • Certified B-Corporation (pending)
  • Member of 1% For the Planet
  • Dayrize operations to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030 – including the emissions associated with shipping
  • 100% circular packaging (fully reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable) by 2025
    • Reinvesting 5% of their annual profits to support their partners in redesigning their products and value chains to lower their impact
    • Openly sharing knowledge and insights with partners on how they can work to improve their Dayrize Score and design regenerative, carbon-neutral, and circular products

Dayrize is always searching for new vendors to supply best in class products in a sustainable way and offering its customers new ways to ‘buy good’ making a positive difference and reducing footprint by choosing high-quality, sustainable products.