Decoding the Report: A Discussion on Mid-Market Commerce with Mark Friedman

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Friedman about the report he and Rick Watson of RMW Commerce Consulting put together, “Breaking Up is Hard To Do: The Journey of the Mid-Market Merchant.” Commissioned by Shopware, this report delves into the challenges faced by mid-market merchants.

Here at ITG Commerce, our focus is on delivering commerce solutions primarily for mid-market and lower enterprise businesses with a decent amount of complexity in their business model. This report resonated with us as it almost exclusively talks about the market segment we focus on here at ITG though it’s quite US-centric, and we also do lots of work in Europe.

Among mid-market merchants, there isn’t a lot of satisfaction with their current commerce platforms. We’ve probably never seen a time when there was such a low appetite to re-platform to something new. While Shopify is a terrific solution for many mid-market merchants when their requirements fit, when complexity enters the room and Shopify isn’t a fit, where else can you go?

A lot of what is discussed in this report raised more questions, and we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sit down with Mark and discuss. See the video below.

Grab your copy of the full report: “Breaking Up is Hard To Do: The Journey of the Mid-Market Merchant.”