A Better CLI tool for managing environments

Reward is native on Mac, Windows and Linux supporting multiple environments running at the same time.


What is Reward?

Reward is a Cross-Platform & Open-Source CLI utility for orchestrating Docker based development environments.

It provides the possibility to run multiple local environments simultaneously without port conflicts, while providing multiple developer utilities such as DB management, SSH tunnel, SSL certs.

How it helps

Main benefits

Easy to setup

Teams can start working on projects right away without spending much time on environment setup.


Hides the complexity of Docker and file sync in different operating systems.


No limitation on operating systems, Linux, Mac and Windows are all in.

PWA Support

Integrated PWA frontend and backend development for Magento and Shopware.

Detailed Documention

Well documented, Issue tracker on GitHub, With dedicated FAQ section.

Community Support

Actively used and supported, Continuously enhanced based on dev feedback.


Reward in action

Coming soon


While remaining 100% open-source and free for managing local environments, we are launching a cloud service that gives an option to create and manage environments in the Cloud via the Reward CLI or a Web interface.

Streamline and automate their CI processes

Full control over the CI environments

Automated deployment process

Project creation through the Reward CLI / Website

Get Shell in the Cloud Environments

Finetune resources (CPU, Memory, Disk)

Push local environments to the cloud

Pull cloud environments to local

From a DevOps team to developers

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