Extension Development, magento 2

TSYS turned to ITG when it needed an experienced Magento solutions partner to build out Cayan Payment extensions for Magento versions 2.0 – 2.4. ITG provides ongoing application support for the Cayan Payment solution.


About Tsys

TSYS is a subsidiary of Global Payments and provides payment processing services, merchant services and various other related payment services.

Features developed for TSYS

  • Receive payment from many card types.
  • Tokenization and saved card (using secure Magento vault).
  • Checkout-in-store using GeniusCheckoutPlus javascript form.
  • Authorization only.
  • Authorize & Capture.
  • Full Capture.
  • Enhance PCI compliance: Never touch-sensitive consumer data.
  • Capture sales from buyers who may be hesitant to enter their information.


Quality extensions for TSYS’ retail clients with continuous application support and updates.

ITG Services Used

  • Support
  • Custom Solutions

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