Distributed for Free

Magento Open Source (former known as Magento Community) is a self hosted platform that is free to use offering a with all the basic eCommerce capabilities to start building your webshop.

Rich Feature List

In addition to its robust standard feature set, Adobe offers literally 1000s of useful extensions (both free and paid ones) to shape any webshop in almost any direction imaginable.

Large Community

More than 250,000 companies around the world leverage the Adobe Commerce platform daily to deliver a professionally unique buying experience for their customers.

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B2B Funtionality

Adobe Commerce (Former Magento) is well-known for being customizable on an infinite level. Almost any configuration can be done to handle your unique B2B and B2C workflows.

Advenced Reporting

In addition to the basic feature list there are many useful extension (both free and paid ones) available on Adobe Marketplace that you can use to bring out the best from your E-Commerce site.

Live (AI) Search

It empowers sellers to provide customers with an AI-enhanced search experience. It allows the AI to find  the most relevant filters for any set of results based off catalog data, and without manual rules.

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Hosted in Cloud

Adobe Commerce is a fully cloud-ready solution that offers all the benefits of modern cloud computing while still maintaining flexibility in software customization that our merchants require.

Fastly Subscription

Fastly subscription is included by defuld and offers: Content Delivery Network (CDN), Web Application Firewall (WAF), protection, SSL/TLS certificates, Origin cloaking, image optimization.

Better Performance and Higher Security

Cloud availabilty SLA is up to 99.99% and the package includes Global Availability, PCI complience, performance monitoring tools and many more!

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No-Code Approach

Thanks to the Visual Editor and Drag&Drop functionality, Shopware is quite easy to get familiar with. There are multiple things adopters can do without asking help from a software developer.

Custom FlowBuilder

With built-in Rule and FlowBuilder users can create and visualize actual processes to perfectly fit daily operations. B2Bs and PWAs are also supported!

Flexible Pricing

Shopware provides 3 primary categories but the final price is always based on services selected: users only pay for their selected functionality.

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